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Magical Escape – The New Science of Decorating Your Bedroom to Rejuvenate You and Rekindle Your Romance

Discover how your bedroom’s décor is likely sabotaging your love life; and transform it into a dreamy escape that melts away your stress and rekindles romance


Do you ever feel stressed out, blah or stuck in a rut? Could your love life use a little pizzazz?  Do you long for a more beautiful and enchanting lifestyle but feel stuck in a different reality?  Believe it or not, your home's décor could be the culprit! Here’s why:

Cutting edge scientific studies prove that behind the scenes your bedroom's decor may be triggering tension, dampening romance, and sometimes making you feel blah. And that your home's decor may be stressing you out, hurting your productivity, or even making you fat! (Who knew?!)

But unfortunately, most conventional interior design helps you decorate your home mainly to look good (and function properly) more or less neglecting these psychological impacts. 

For the first time ever, in my bedroom decorating online program, Magical Escape, you’ll discover the various ways that your bedroom’s décor is likely wreaking havoc on your love life. Then you’ll learn how to transform your bedroom into a magical escape that’ll melt away your stress and add fresh excitement to your love life. And you can make this happen yourself, without spending a ton of time or money!

Unlike conventional interior design, this program won’t merely help you decorate your bedroom to look good. Instead, it’ll help you to decorate your bedroom to change the way you feel – to make you feel calm, enchanted, romantic, rejuvenated, or any other way you wish to feel! This is based on the cutting edge science of Design Psychology. 

When Oprah discovered some of the things that you’ll be learning in this program, she had a huge home decorating Aha moment, and immediately began to overhaul the décor of her Santa Barbara mansion. But no, you don’t have to redecorate your home or bedroom in a rush :) 



This program is a 7-module, video based program. The seven modules represent the seven steps that I use to transform clients’ bedrooms from nice but ordinary to sensuous and magical. And they’ll do the same for your bedroom.

A new module is released every week, except for when we’ll take a break from lessons to work on creating our magical escapes together. In between lessons, I have you do some fun and easy exercises from a Fun Sheet that accompanies each lesson. This way by the end of 12 weeks, your very own magical escape will have emerged almost effortlessly.

But even though it’s a 12-week program, you’ll have access to the virtual studio and the program for an entire year. So you can go through the program at your own pace, or go through it multiple times.

MODULE 1: Break of The Rut in Your Bedroom – Go From Boring and Predictable to Mysterious and Enchanting

Can you recall a vacation spot that felt romantic or magical? Do your home and bedroom feel magical in that way? Probably not

What if your home made every day feel like a holiday? What difference would that make to your stress, family life and productivity? What if your bedroom made every night feel like date night? What might that do to your love life?

In this module, you’ll discover how to use evocative features, exotica, variety, lighting and other elements to create a magical mood in your bedroom, that’ll put you in the mood for romance

MODULE 2: This Popular Color May be Sucking the Excitement Out of Your Life and Love Life

Does your bedroom feel like an escape from the outside world with its cares and concerns? Is it cozy and sensuous? Or like most bedrooms, is it “nice” but ordinary?

In this module, you’ll discover how the colors in your bedroom are likely robbing it of pizzazz. I give you a cheat system so you can easily pick the right colors to transform your bedroom into a sensuous and soothing escape 

MODULE 3: How the style of your bed may be causing your love life to fizzle instead of sizzle

Your bed should feel like a mini-cocoon within the larger cocoon of your bedroom – it should feel cozy, sensuous and inviting, making you and your spouse just want to just tumble in. And considering that in bed, you’re in a relative state of undress, your bed should pamper and comfort your bare skin. This is why a duvet is called a “comforter.”  

If you’re married and your bed doesn’t feel plush, cozy and inviting, that’s a problem waiting to happen. 

In this module, I help you to select the right bed, or transform your existing bed to a plush and inviting haven

MODULE 4: How to Create An Aura of Escape in Your Bedroom

Take a deep breath and relax – this is not a secret sequel to Fifty Shades of Gray. What I’m referring to is the fact that we spend most of our waking hours dealing with the often-harsh realities of everyday life – a long work day, the kids’ carpool and homework, bills, housekeeping, and on and on and on.

And when you retreat to your bedroom with your spouse at the end of the day and shut the door behind you, these stresses and concerns of everyday life follow you in. They keep you from fully unwinding and letting go.

What I do for you in this module is use lighting and materials to create a dreamy and enticing ambience that’ll seem to cast a spell on you and your beau. It’ll give you a feeling of escape from the mundane here and now with its stresses. What might this do to your state of mind and your love life?

MODULE 5: How your bedroom’s décor may be secretly stressing you out. And how to transform it into a serene oasis

Because the stresses of the day – regarding work, bills, kids homework and what not – are in your head, at night they follow you into your bedroom and even hop into bed with you. Therefore if your bedroom’s décor doesn’t help you to mentally decompress at the end of each day, it’ll slowly but surely sap your mental health, your love life, your productivity at work, your relationships, and so on.

Unfortunately, most bedrooms are guilty of this – they just don’t feel deeply soothing. Even worse, the furniture, colors, layout and such secretly trigger stress and tension.

Do you wish your bedroom felt more like a retreat? In this module, I show you how to identify and eliminate stress-inducing features from your bedroom. And instead, add features that’ll help melt away your stress and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

MODULE 6: Sensuous Escape – Secrets for Decorating Your Bedroom to Pamper and Thrill Your Senses

Your senses are the gateway to your pleasure. You’ve experienced how even just a hint of a bad odor – old cat litter or a clogged drain for example – can totally ruin your experience in a room, regardless of how gorgeous the room is. Or how a whiff of a juicy fragrance can instantly put you in a good mood.

Does your bedroom engulf you and your spouse in a sensuous mood? Does it entice you with wisps of your favorite scents? Does warm, soft lighting soothe your nerves? Does the music tug at your heartstrings, melt away your stress or put you in the mood for romance? Does it feel lush and enticing? Do soft textures pamper your bare skin in bed? If not, you’re missing out on the magic that a sensuous bedroom could bring to your life and love life.

In this module, I show you how to transform your bedroom into a sensuous haven that indulges and pampers all your senses

Module 7 is titled: How your Furniture Style and Layout May be Hurting Your Bond With Your Spouse (and Kids)

Is your hubby constantly trying to “go watch the game with the boys,” “grab a quick round of golf with the fellas…” or whatever? Are your teenagers always out, or just tuned out? Your home’s décor can literally drive your family apart, or bring them closer together. It can cause family members to withdraw from each other or put up emotional walls.

In this module, I give you tips and tricks to help you decorate your home to bring your family closer together rather than pull it apart. You’ll also discover how to select and arrange your furniture to create cozy and comforting spaces that help you to relax and bond with your family  


You’ll get written transcripts to my introductory program, completely FREE! The program is titled, Transform Your Home, Transform Your Mood – The New Science of Decorating Your Home to Make You Happy, Calm and Productive, and Strengthen Your Relationships.

For our first week together, before we jump into the main program, Magical Escape, this program will introduce you to the fascinating world of design psychology

Here are the 3 modules that you get in the introductory program: 

Module 1: Emotional Home: How Your Home’s Décor Continually Alters Your State of Mind

Module 2: Design Your Mood: How to Decorate Any Room to Make You Feel Any Way You Wish to Feel

Module 3: Your Fulfilling Home: How to Create a Home that Feels Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually Satisfying


Once you join for the program, I’ll invite you to join a private Facebook group, where you can post your toughest decorating questions and challenges. I’ll be in there every week answering your questions and walking you through your challenges. Plus you’ll have a ton of fun with other members, sharing decorating successes, frustrations and ideas, and getting feedback.

How Kim’s Bedroom Makeover Added Pizzazz to Her Love Life

Before making over her bedroom using my program, Kim had this nagging feeling that she and her husband, Matt, were in a bit of a rut. They loved each other and their young kids, but as busy professionals juggling corporate careers with marriage, parenting and so on, life often got stressful and ho-hum. 

She says that in her bedroom today, she and Matt feel as though they're on some magical vacation. She swears that it's added fresh excitement to their love life! In her own words, "Who knew that decor could make such a difference?!"

Like Kim, create the enchanting life and love life of your dreams today!


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