The Science of Decorating Your Home to Make You Happier, Calmer and More Productive, and Enhance Your Relationships

Create your dream home and lifestyle today!
  • Do you ever fantasize about your dream home but think “Oh, what’s the use?”
  • Do you think getting a home makeover would be expensive and stressful?
  • Do you find coordinating colors and furnishings somewhat challenging?
  • Do you ever feel stressed out or blah at home?
  • Could your love life use a little excitement?
  • Could your or your kids’ productivity use a little boost?

If you can relate the tiniest bit to any of these questions, there are three potentially life changing secrets that you need to know right now!

But first, why should you listen to me?

  • I'm a licensed architect, interior designer, accredited green building professional and pioneer in Design Psychology
  • I'm a member of the American Institute of Architects, the American Society of Interior Designers, and the US Green Building Council
  • I’m a contributor to Houzz, the largest online platform for home remodeling and design

I've shared my message with various national media


I've been endorsed by leaders in the design industry

“Having worked in home furnishing for a couple of decades and moved many times, creating a home that feels right is still intimidating every time. What a gift Bumi's down-to-earth, simple approach has been to my latest project. Every room in my home feels just right.”

Pernille Spiers-Lopez,

Former President & CEO, IKEA N.A.

Here’s the before and after of my client Kim’s bedroom, which she designed with my help, using my do-it-yourself home decorating program. Kim swears that the new bedroom has added fresh sizzle to her life and marriage – every night feels like date night! In her own words, “Who knew décor could make such a difference?”

What if, like Kim, you could create your dream home or room that’ll change the way you feel and tangibly improve your life? And what if you could do it quickly and affordably, without hiring a designer?

That’s what this letter is about. But first let me quickly tell you how I got started with design psychology.

Did you ever visit a place that felt magical? Or one that made you feel like "Get me outta here!"?

Walking through the woods - surrounded by towering eucalyptus trees and bubbling brooks - I’d feel deeply calm and inspired...

Did you ever have one of those deeply calming, almost spiritual experiences out in nature where it felt as though you left all your cares behind?

In Tuscany, a rustic farmhouse swept me back to carefree childhood summers at my grandmother’s farmhouse. It triggered touching memories and feelings – baking cupcakes with my mom, pillow fights with my sisters, carolers on Christmas eve...I felt deeply moved...

Did you ever visit a place that transported you to another place and time – tugging at your heartstrings with nostalgia or déjà vu?

Vacationing in Kauai, the clear blue waters, white sand beaches, coconut palms and colorful flowers engulfed me in a feeling of enchantment…

Did you ever visit a place that flooded you with good feelings or felt magical in some way? Does your home feel that way?

On the flip side, the poky apartment that I shared with a roommate while I attended grad school in San Diego, felt somewhat depressing. It had tiny rooms, few windows, cheap brown carpet and worn drapes. I often felt stressed out, and I constantly made excuses to go out.

I wondered...


Why do some places feel magical, while other places feel ordinary or even depressing?

Why do we have those deeply calming, almost spiritual experiences out in nature and not at home or elsewhere? Why do places like the farmhouse tug at our heartstrings and make us feel warm and fuzzy? Why do certain destinations like Kauai feel magical, while others like my college apartment feel depressing?  

Can we intentionally decorate or design our homes to give us rich, magical experiences?”

After a 20-year journey of architecture and interior design practice, during which I continually researched design psychology and applied it in my work, today I have answers!

These three secrets are some of those answers:

These three secrets are based on Design Psychology, not Feng Shui

Feng Shui is based on Chinese tradition, astrology and metaphysics, while Design Psychology is the scientific study of how places – such as our homes and offices – affect our feelings and behavior. Here are a few scientific studies:

Create your dream home and lifestyle today!

A study by researchers at the Texas A&M University found that surgery patients whose rooms had views of a brick wall recovered slower, suffered more complications and required more medication than patients whose rooms had views of nature.

In light of this shocking finding, what's the cost to your family's health long term when, like most people, you keep your blinds drawn much of the day for privacy?

In a Cornell University study, students enjoyed eating cake less in a room with mirrors, than they did in a room without mirrors. The idea is that seeing ourselves in a mirror makes us more mindful – we’re able to view ourselves almost like we’re viewing another person.

Ever had trouble sticking to a diet? Just maybe your willpower or lack thereof isn't entirely to blame!

Hint: a large mirror in your dining room could help jumpstart a trimmer, healthier you.

In another study at a Seattle correctional facility, immediately after the grey cell walls were painted pink, inmates became significantly less hostile and aggressive.

Are your wall colors intentionally chosen to make you and your family feel serene and inspired? Or are they secretly triggering stress, tension or even aggression?

A study by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company found that students in classrooms with the most amount of natural lighting performed up to 26% better on standardized testing than students in classrooms with the least amount of daylighting. And certain room layouts, colors, materials and such have been proven to boost focus and creativity, while others interfere with them.

Is your workspace intentionally designed to make you more focused and creative?


Psychology plays a critical role in our success, health, relationships, and environment

Psychology and Success – Tony Robbins

Psychology and Health – Deepak Chopra

Psychology and Relationships – John Gray

Psychology and environment (home décor)

When Oprah discovered some of these things that I’m sharing with you, she had a huge home decorating Aha moment

This led her to overhaul the décor of her Santa Barbara home.

A couple’s bedroom sabotages their love life? (True story)

A while back I walked into a couple’s bedroom, and immediately said to myself, “If this marriage isn’t already in trouble, this bedroom will probably do it. Just a matter of time. You’re probably thinking, “Give me a break, Bumi, it couldn’t have been that bad.” Well, it was, and unfortunately the story gets worse. But think about this for a minute…

Can you recall a restaurant that made you feel romantic? Or one that made you feel blah? Of course! So you’ll agree that our surroundings help determine whether we feel romantic or not.

Now imagine the impact of a romance-dampening bedroom on a couple's relationship – night after night, year after year!

Back to that couple, last I heard they were divorced :(

Unfortunately, the majority of couples’ bedrooms that I see – in real life, in magazines, on websites and so on – are sabotaging their relationship in some way. But they’re clueless that this is going on!

In my do-it-yourself bedroom decorating program, Magical Escape, I reveal the decor booboos that the couple committed, and tons of other common bedroom decor mistakes, so you can eliminate them ASAP before they do further harm.

Likewise I can’t tell you how many living rooms I’ve seen that are creating tension and driving family members apart, instead of bringing them closer together. Or workspaces and kids’ study areas that are hurting focus and creativity instead of boosting them.

Have you ever felt stressed out, blah or stuck in a rut? Could your or your kids’ productivity use a little boost? Could your relationship use a little romance and excitement? Keep reading to the end, because believe it or not, your home’s décor could be the culprit!

Kim’s new bedroom makes every night feel like date night

Back to my client, Kim, who made over her bedroom using my do-it-yourself bedroom decorating program titled, Magical Escape.

Kim realized that their bedroom’s décor lacked mood. Plus she longed for some fresh excitement in her life and marriage.

Today, Kim swears that the new bedroom has added fresh sizzle to their lives - every night feels like date night!

Even though her bedroom makeover seems elaborate, many of the changes that took it from blah to magical are actually things that you can do by yourself with little time or money, if only you knew how! Let’s look at a few of those changes…

Everyday can be a holiday - How to make your home feel as magical as your favorite vacation destinations

As she began her bedroom makeover, she daydreamed about the oceanfront cabin in Fiji, where she and Matt had vacationed a few years earlier. It was so tranquil and enchanting, it felt like a second honeymoon. She thought, "If only I could get our bedroom to feel that way..."

In my do-it-yourself decorating program, Kim learned about using a few objects from your favorite destinations to infuse your home with the magic of those special places.

Therefore she selected tropical shutters for her closet doors, an oversized print of a moonlit beach for the wall, a palm for the urn, and a powder textured, sand colored carpet that resembles a white sand beach. For the patio, she selected wooden loungers with white cushions to evoke the bliss of a day on the beach. You can see how these simple but intentional choices came together to subtly conjure the vibe of “tropical retreat.”

How about you? Does your bedroom feel as magical as your favorite destination? Does your home make everyday feel like a vacation? Imagine it did – what would that do to your stress level, your mood, romance and family life?

Like Matt and Kim, use exotic features to infuse any room with the magic of a special place. But this is not about creating a themed room, so use no more than a couple of exotic features. And use functional items, not merely decorative ones. (Hint: No hanging surfboards!) Much more on all this in my do-it-yourself home decorating program, New Home, New YOU.


This popular color may be dampening your love life

Statistics show that more than 70% of bedroom walls are painted white or beige, because people are terrified of dealing with color. They think, “Ugh! Selecting colors is so hard - I have no idea where to start!” Kim was one of the 70%.

But white is the most sterile color there is, which is why it's used in hospitals and laboratories. It typically feels sterile and emotionless. As for beige, the dictionary defines it as plain vanilla or ordinary - it's bland. 

Your bedroom is the last place where you'd want to have feelings of sterile, emotionless, bland, plain vanilla, etc. Instead, you want warmth, sensuousness and pizzazz in your bedroom! And that’s one reason why Kim’s old bedroom lacked mood compared to the new one.

Using the cheat system in my do-it-yourself decorating program, Kim selected new colors for her bedroom literally in a few minutes.

The mocha walls and ceiling create a soft and cozy mood. The dark brown accent wall adds warmth, while the wine red benches and nightstands add a lush burst of color.

Compare the warmth of the “After” bedroom to the sterile and stark mood of the “Before” bedroom. What a difference a little color can make!

What color are your bedroom walls? Do the colors create a lush and cozy mood? Or are you one of the 70% with bland white or beige walls?

My client, Jennifer, a screenwriter, had been feeling stuck for months, to the point where the big contract for her current script was in jeopardy.

One morning, we spent a few hours retooling her home office, using my do-it-yourself home decorating program. To her shock and surprise, when she sat back down to write that afternoon, the inspiration that had been missing for months returned like magic! She completed the screenplay in about a month, and thankfully got paid her fat fee.

In my home decorating program, I reveal the problems with Jennifer’s old workspace, which by the way are extremely common, and I share tons of décor tweaks to boost your focus and productivity.

Are your workspace and your kids’ study area designed to make you more focused and creative so you can get more done and get ahead?

Are you ready to begin to live your dream lifestyle in your dream home?

With the help of scientific studies, you’ve just seen a few of several ways that your home’s décor is likely negatively impacting you. You’ve also seen a few snippets of how my do-it-yourself home decorating program New Home, New YOU, helped Kim and Jennifer to decorate their homes to not just look great, but also tangibly improve their lives!

Now it’s your turn!

Create your dream home and lifestyle today!

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  • Will you continue to envy gorgeous homes online?
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  • What's the cost of stress to your family? Anxiety, tension, arguments, drifting apart?
    Can you afford to not create a home that feels calming and enchanting and brings your family closer together? The choice is yours. 

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